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My name is Dianne. I am a highly sensitive, tactile, easy-aroused sultry blonde girl who loves to wear glasses, drink champagne, read, and make love till the sun comes up! After we make love, I might want to cuddle and talk to you about nerdy things, only to slowly start rubbing my butt onto you. Yes, I really am that kind of a nerd. I am an elite Amsterdam escort that keeps herself in shape. My nipples are as pink as your temptation and my butt is taffy and juicy like an apple. I have quite an appetite for sex, but that won't come out till you make your move, as I am a bit shy at first. Every single client of mine has the best time with me because of my ability to get turned on so easily. I get wet at the drop of a hat!
I love to meet new people and I like men who are confident yet gentle and caring. I love men who care about pets. These things just make my heart melt like nothing else. If you like to read, tell me what your favorite author is and why. Tell me about your favorite stories. I am a nerd. I totally live for this kind of stuff! I hate clingy men and obsessive men. There is no bigger turnoff for me than that.
When we meet, I expect you to be gentle and polite. Bring me a flower, or a copy of your favorite novel! I would love it if you write something for me, even if it's just four lines. I am a nerdy girl who loves to hit it off with strangers and most of my clients end up becoming my buddies in the long term. No one does it like this Amsterdam call girl.

My hobbies and interests
I like to read. I am also a comic book nerd and I love dressing up. I love pets, especially dogs and bunnies.

My naughty indulgences
Colorful Amsterdam sex adventures are my specialty. I love cosplay (I've been to several comic cons as well). So, if you are into role play, I can be the sexy student or Princess Leia. I can be your favorite video game character or even Harley Quinn! Oh, you'd like that a lot, won't you, puddin?

Woo me
I am a sucker for chocolate. Here's a hint as good as any.

Spoil me
I love gifts. Any kind, especially the dirty kind. If you bring me chocolates, roses, and sexy lingerie, you can watch me melt right in front of you.

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