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Hi there, I am Federica—a silky, exotic, young babe who is ready to shower you with ecstasy and make you feel like you're the king of the world. Why? Because you deserve it, silly!
I really believe men don't get appreciated enough. I like to spoil my mates by doing things for them no one else would. Be it a romantic date, intimate conversation, business meeting, or an outdoor adventure, this Amsterdam call girl is here to be who you want me to be and offer companionship that is exciting and loving! Would you like to make me your girl and show me off to your ex? I bet she'd hate it! What do you think?
We can have an outdoor adventure and talk. I like men who are talkative and who open themselves up to me. If you feel like there are things you want to share with me, I am always game. Go ahead, boo, I support you!
I like my men to take control when the time comes, though. He must be willing to have a good time—no holds barred, and I will show him what it's like to have a girl you can talk to, enjoy activities with, laugh at things with, and break the bed with. I am wild in the sack yet caring in nature. I love befriending strangers and every handsome devil I conquer makes me that much exciting about life itself. So, come over to my world where there's no guilt, no responsibilities, no boundaries, no boundations, and no restrictions. This is what makes me one of the most sought-after Amsterdam escorts. Meet me somewhere or call me where you are. Let's give you what you deserve, honey—a sexy, naked, tall glass of Federica! It’s time to show you an Amsterdam sex experience for the ages.

My hobbies and interests
I love going to art houses. I love watching movies, especially romantic comedies. Maybe you can take me to a cinema, and we can make out?
Another passion of mine is collecting doodles. While it may sound odd, doodles are cool and unique. Every time I meet someone who can doodle, he becomes the quarterback and I, his cheerleader.

My naughty indulgences
I like men who take control of things when it comes to the affairs of the bedroom. While I might start off the makeout session with a passionate touch, I want you to bend me over and give it to me like I am your good little brat. Would you explore my body like you own me and show me why you're the man of the house, daddy?

Woo me
Take me to a rom-com and then maybe back to your place?

Spoil me
Romantic candlelight dinners are the best! I like stake and wine. I am kinda classy that way.

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Erotic massage


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160 euro

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3+ hours

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